UNESCO partners with AVM


We are delighted to announce that we have just signed a contract to become implementation partners with UNESCO which is managing part of the Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP) in Malawi. STEP will be supporting bursaries for the next 18 months to train 150 marginalized people in different vocational skills. We are specifically focusing on a minimum of 50% women attendance. STEP is funded by the European Union.

We announced earlier that our first training course started in March 2018 where 12 trainees had been selected to be trained as tailors. Their training is now complete and we are very pleased that everybody passed their Level 1 certification for Tailoring. Ruth Desmond is our Tailoring trainer and has been inspirational in teaching 12 people all the skills needed to be a tailor and empowering them to become self-sufficient. Their graduation took place in July, where we also welcomed the first group of trainees to be funded through STEP.

If you click here: http://www.stepmw.com/, you will find more information about STEP, as well as a video of the music single they commissioned which was no 1 in the Malawi charts for 6 weeks in 2017!



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