Sam’s Village Christmas Appeal – Matched Funding is back!

Matched Funding

We have received a truly generous offer of £40,000 of matched funding which will allow us to complete the remaining accommodation blocks and train 100 people next year. To receive this amount we need to receive donations to the same value. We have already received £17,000 towards this, so need to raise a further £23,000. This is really life-changing work which will transform some of the world’s poorest people, giving them jobs and self-sufficiency.


Some of this year’s successful graduates

If you would like to help fund this sustainable training programme, please click here:


A Christmas Present to make a difference

Do consider making a donation to Sam’s Village as a gift to your loved ones.

We will send you a gift card which you can personalise and pass on as your present.

When you donate, please mention ‘Christmas Present’ in your message and of course your address. 






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