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  Agriculture Twelve schools are now successfully growing orphan maize gardens using compost manure and organic fertiliser.  They are also growing soya beans and ground nuts in order to encourage people to diversify their diet. The tree nursery programme was very successful with seven schools managing to grow a total of 19,342 seedlings.  Most schools… Read more »


  Education Another two students have been taken on to our scholarship programme, bringing the total number of students to 36. A Trainee Education Manager, Jack Maduka  is gradually taking over the responsibilities of the position:  he will take over completely at the beginning of April Six Children’s Corners are now fully operational, as well… Read more »

Gift’s Story

  Hello everybody My name is Gift K Banda, I was born on 25th May 1984 in a family of six children. I have two sisters, two half-brothers and a half-sister. I come from Dowa district, T.A Chakhaza, Kabwinja village.  The beginning of my life was very good since my father was a good farmer… Read more »

Landirani Village

It has been agreed that the Landirani Village will be called “Landirani Training Village” as it will be primarily an educational facility – from the planning through to the build and the final use of the village. We are in the process of arranging the move of the shipping container we bought 2yrs ago. This… Read more »

Orphan Care and Social Welfare

30 people from 6 communities were trained in Children’s Corners in October. They will now form Children’s Corner Committees and should start running Children’s Corners at Pre-School buildings in the coming weeks. We are hoping to train 30 people who are HIV positive as tailors to work in our area.  

Water and Sanitation

A total of 20 wells have been built up and protected this year. We are in the process of installing 8 more water harvesters in schools. Four pumps have been installed on existing protected wells but there is an issue with parts so this is yet to be completed. The composting toilets at Chitedze II… Read more »


Three bicycle ambulances have been given to communities in our area and the communities were trained in the maintenance and record keeping for the bicycle ambulances. They are proving extremely useful – all the communities have used them several times and they really are saving lives. Sad news from M’bang’ombe: The maternity Clinic has been… Read more »


We now have 10 schools in the Reforestation Programme. All 10 schools have been trained by the Forestry Department and all have tree nurseries. There are now 10 established wood lots at the schools. Each school was given enough polytubes and seeds to plant 2,000 seedlings. If successful Landirani then buys the seedlings to plant… Read more »


Mteza school has been partnered with a UK School. Fifteen students sat our scholarship entrance exams and eleven new students are being sponsored by Landirani to go to District or National Schools. Landirani is now sponsoring 34 students to go to secondary school. Three previously sponsored scholarship students have been selected for university: one in… Read more »

Funding for Children’s Centres

The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust has awarded us a £12,000 grant to develop community-based childcare centres in our area.  We are setting up these centres to offer holistic support to children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. They are aimed primarily at children who are too young to go to school and usually… Read more »