• 90% of primary school aged children attend school
  • 25% enroll in secondary school
  • Ratio of pupil/teacher is 62/1 in Malawi, it is 17/1 in UK



African Vision Malawi is committed to supporting the under 5's and have set up 9 Community Based Childcare Centres (CBCC) to date.

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Primary Schools

Primary Education is free in Malawi and we support 26 schools in our area. Since African Vision Malawi started we have 18 of them partnered with schools in UK.

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Secondary Schools

Only 25% of eligible children attend Secondary School. Orphans and ultra-poor are unable to go, although they may have received a place. They cannot afford the fees. We support 10 pupils per year and in 2015/16 are supporting 42 students.

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University and Further Education

We currently support 9 university and further education students, who are studying nursing, teaching, journalism and languages.

Read the story of one of them, Loness Eliya.

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Adult Education

Our vision is to create a self-sustaining training village – Sam’s Village - on a 10 acre site in our area.

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Building Schools

From our very first project at Masiye in 2006, to forthcoming plans for Songwe, we have built a number of schools blocks and teachers' accommodation.

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Project4Africa have supported us in raising funds to build Namanyanga School a teachers house and a pre-school with feeding centre. Subsequently they have also funded the M'bang'ombe Maternity Unit.

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