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Partnership Visits

Read here about our recent partnership visit in June 2017 to distribute goods to our linked schools



Linking Schools

We link schools in Malawi with schools in the UK to establish a relationship between the two countries through correspondence. We want the schools in Malawi to learn about and learn from the schools, teachers and children in the UK, and likewise the students in the UK can learn a lot from those in Malawi.

School Children at Chitedze

School Children at Chitedze


M'bang'ombe School Boy

M’bang’ombe School Boy


As of 2015, African Vision Malawi has partnered eighteen Malawi schools with UK schools. Chimphepo Primary in Chikhutu Zone and Mkukhu Primary in Mteza Zone are new schools added recently. Out of eighteen, two have double partnerships (M’bang’ombe primary in Mteza Zone and Masiye primary in Chikhutu Zone). This means there are twenty UK schools partnered with eighteen Malawian schools.


Bowa & St Paul’s Primary, Primrose Hill

Chibwata & Tolworth Infants, Tolworth

Chikhutu & Maple Infants Primary, Surbiton

Chikuyakuti & Christ Church School, Surbiton

Chimphepo & Hounslow Town Primary

Chitedze & Lovelace Primary, Kingston upon Thames

Chitsime & The Mall Prep School, Twickenham

– as an example, you can read all about the partnership between Chitsime and The Mall


Kafutwe & Briar Hill, Leamington Spa

Kakoma & St.Mary’s Primary School, Warwick

Masiye & Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School, Balham

Masiye & St Matthews Primary, Surbiton

M’bang’ombe & Long Ditton Infants, Long Ditton

M’bang’ombe & Ridgeway School, Leamington Spa

M’khalapadzuwa & St John’s Primary, Kingston

Mkhunku & Cheam Common Infants School, Sutton

Mlumbwira & Alexandra Infant School, Kingston upon Thames

Mtemambalame & The Mead Infant School

M’teza & Knollmead Primary, Tolworth

Mtseteza & Elsenham C of E Primary

Namanyanga & Coombe Hill Infants’, Kingston


We do school partnership updates twice a year where we go to the schools in the UK and collect information to take to Malawi; we then collect similar information from the schools in Malawi to bring back to their partners in the UK.

Update presentation at M'bang'ombe

Update presentation at M’bang’ombe school


Each trip has a different theme so we can learn specific things about each country and draw interesting comparisons.

We choose the themes on a six year cycle:

2016   Growing

2017   Food

2018   Homes & Animals

2019   Expressive Arts & Games

2020   Water, Weather & Seasons

2021   Celebrations

A Schools Partnership presentation in Malawi

A Schools Partnership presentation in Malawi


The Schools Partnership Programme has been so successful that in 2015 we began linking our Malawian pre-schools (Community Based Children’s Centres) with UK pre-schools.



Many of the UK schools have fundraised for projects in their partner schools, which has had a massive positive impact on the students at their partner schools. Here are some examples of just a few recent projects:

  • The Mall, Twickenham UK fundraised for a new double classroom school block, learning materials and desks for Chitsime, and also equipment for the feeding programme at the attached pre-school.  You can read more about their partnership here.
  • Cheam Common Infant UK fundraised around 840,000MKW for Mkunkhu Primary and the money assisted buying building materials and labour for three teachers houses. Two houses were built at the end of 2014 and the remaining one was finished in 2015.
  • St Paul’s Primary UK fundraised 291,000MKW for Bowa Primary in Mteza Zone and the money assisted buying building materials for one teacher’s house.
  • Maple Infants Primary UK fundraised 543,000MKW for Chikhutu Primary in Chikhutu Zone, the money assisted buying building materials for one administration block.
  • Briar Hill Primary UK fundraised 65,000MKW for Kafutwe Primary in Chikhutu Zone which assisted with the purchase of staff room chairs and some text books.



You can support any of our Education projects and make a sustainable difference to the future of Malawi’s children and young people.



Teacher Visits

Often Malawian teachers visit the UK through the partnership and sometimes UK teachers visit Malawi.

You can support a teacher’s visit:


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