Kafutwe Food Mill

We are building a Food Mill at Kafutwe.

The mill can be used to grind millet, sorghum and legumes, as well as maize.

This mill will help to support the orphans and vulnerable people in our area, and to help give our Local Volunteers (LBC Members) a sustainable income.

As with all our projects, we met with the local chiefs to discuss the project and they decided where the mill would be best located to help their communities.

Maize Mill meeting

African Vision Malawi staff with Kafutwe chiefs and elders.


The mill is nearing completion:

Kafutwe Maize Mill


Kafutwe Food Mill
Kafutwe Food Mill

Kafutwe Food Mill

The building itself is finished and the next stage is to purchase and install the machinery.  We are looking forward to this project making a practical difference to people’s lives.

The Kafutwe Maize Mill has been funded by the Rotary Club of Kingston Upon Thames and the Friends of Malawi Association.  Thank you to both organisations.

Can you donate so that future sustainable projects can happen?

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