Bicycle Ambulances

Ensuring people can get to a health service In our area of support there is a huge issue with lack of transport to hospital/clinics. There are not enough health centres/hospitals in our area and therefore the catchment area for each centre is huge.Continue reading

Building Schools

Building started 2006 We have completed: Three out of four school blocks (which is 6 classrooms) Two out of four teacher's houses The kitchen and store room The renovation of the pre school.Continue reading

Community Based Childcare Centres (CBCCs)

What is a CBCC? A CBCC is a building with a multiple use - as a pre-school and as a feeding station for children 3-5 years old.Continue reading


Distributions will always be a big part of our work, and are vital to the orphans who have nothing. We do regular distributions throughout our area. We distribute clothes, toys, sleeping mats, blankets, monsquito nets.Continue reading

Feeding Programme in Schools

We have been working in partnership with ‘Feed The Children’ ( and have started using a new fuel saving oven in one of our schools. ‘Feed The Children’ is providing the food and Landirani orgainses the training and operation of the feeding programme. We have to provide the fuel saving oven and the bowls and spoons.Continue reading

Funsani - Rammed Earth Community Based Childcare Centre (CBCC)

Gandys ‘Orphans for Orphans’ has funded the building of a pre-school at Funsani, Lumbadzi Centre. We will complete the building by September 2017 and Gandys will come out to open it in October.Continue reading

Maternity Unit

1 in 6 women die in childbirth in Malawi. In April 2010 we filmed in our local Clinic and Maternity unit with 8 beds. These serve 13,569 people. There was one Medical Assistant and one Midwife to run the two units. The Midwife was pregnant.Continue reading


Project4Africa is a group who raise funds to help various projects in Africa. This year we are delighted to announce they will be raising money for us again. This time the funds will be raised to help us renovate a maternity unit and staff housing in our area.Continue reading

Sam's Village

Using traditional techniques and resources we will be building a village that will primarily be an education site for agricultural teaching and vocational training. Continue reading


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Building Programme

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Njewa New Office

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Rammed Earth Building

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Training Programme

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Christmas Appeal to complete Sam's Village

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Secondary School Sponsorship

Education is free to children up to the end of primary school but if they want to go on and get a full education (and hopefully go onto university) it costs around £792 for four years at Secondary School This pays for school fees, exam fees, school materials, boarding fees, food and school uniform. We are currently sponsoring 28 teenagers to go to Secondary school.Continue reading

University Scholarships

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Lobiner Kanthenga - story of a University Student

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Loness Eliya - story of a sponsored University Student

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Water and Sanitation

It only costs £150 to build up a well to make it safe a free from contamination. This is a great present for your friends and family as it is genuinely saving lives and we will have a plaque created with the name of your recipient on it to go on the well - we will then take pictures of the well upon completion and send it to them.Continue reading

Water boreholes

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