Distributions are part of our work, and are vital to the orphans who have nothing.  Our projects in general are focussed on building up a more self-sufficient community, for example through our training village, Sam’s Village, and in time we will be able to reduce the distributions.

We do regular distributions throughout our area, often of food, mosquito nets, sleeping mats, clothes and toys.

Distribution of jeans, donated by Good News Mission

Distribution of jeans, donated by Good News Mission

One of our regular distributions is to provide some food to the most poverty stricken people during the ‘hungry months’ of February.  We select 20 people from each of our 14 centres.

We also do regular orphan lunch days, providing every orphan in a school with a nutritious lunch.  In the past we have been donated wheelchairs, which have been distributed to people in our area.



*Blanket: £4 *Sleeping mat: £2 *Mosquito Net £10 *Feed an orphan for a year: £20

You can buy blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, food and other items through our online Store.

You can also donate to our long term projects