Sam's Village

Sadly Sam Hayes passed away tragically on September 10th 2013 at the age of 23 and his parents have decided to create a legacy that makes a positive change. His parents are supporting the building of the "Sam's Village" Training Village. Sam's friends and family have undertaken to raise the £250,000 to complete and open this amazing project. Two mulberry trees have been planted at the main entrance to the Training Village in dedication to his memory. Our condolences are with Sam's family.

You can visit the Sam's Village Facebook page to read the very latest updates about Sam's Village. You can also donate to this great project.

This self-sustaining training village is being built on a 10 acre site. It is now well underway and achieves the objective of a move away from hand-outs as we move towards creating self-sufficient training programmes that can support thousands of local people showing them how to improve their lives in terms of creating employment, organic farming, orphan support, reforestation, HIV prevention and many other important areas.

We believe the Village will become a best-practice example for Malawi (and in time other parts of Africa) of how to encourage and develop sustainable, forward looking and skilled communities.

Please have a browse through the links below to read about all of the projects happening at Sam's Village.

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Training Programme

Our Training Programme is planned to begin in 2016. Courses will be Carpentry, Tailoring, Soap Making and Basic Electronics. The training will be provided by our partners Teveta.

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The Sam's Village Library is now open - Monday to Friday all day and Saturday mornings.

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Permaculture gardens cover the Sam's Village site.

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Building Programme

The building programme at Sam's Village is well underway. We build using sustainable rammed earth techniques.

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The Restaurant and Kitchen will be fuelled by biogas.

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Njewa New Office

We are building a rammed earth and permaculture showcase site in the Njewa suburb of Lilongwe. Email us if you would like to come and visit it!

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The full prospectus for the village is available to download in PDF format.

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