Njewa New Office

We are building in the Njewa suburb of Lilongwe (Malawi’s capital city) to showcase sustainable building techniques and permaculture gardens.

On the 2 acre site we are building a rammed earth office building for African Vision Malawi, a superadobe guardshouse, and staff accommodation constructed from a shipping container and timber frame – all set in permaculture gardens.

Nyomi shows the new office to African Vision Malawi trustees

Nyomi Rowsell, architect, shows the new office under construction to African Vision Malawi trustees


Guardshouse, made of superadobe

Guardshouse, made of superadobe (rammed earth in maize sacks)


FItting stones into the new office foundations in June 2015

Fitting stones into the new office foundations in June 2015

As at Sam’s Village, we employ local men and women as builders and specialists on the Njewa new office site.  In this way we provide local employment and transfer skills and knowledge to support the local community.

See The Story of Njewa in photos – building a office from rammed earth – here for the whole story.

If you would like to visit Njewa, just a 15 min drive from the centre of Lilongwe on the Mchingi Road, and see our projects in action please email us.

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