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Staff Stories – Ireen Mwale

Ireen is the Assistant Librarian at Mteza Library, in Sam’s Village. She tells us what she thinks of working for African Vision Malawi (aka the Landirani Trust):

Ireen Mwale

I have worked for Landirani Trust for 11 months. Since I started working for Landirani I have learned a lot of things that are helpful and have made me grow and develop such as:

  • Staying with people of different races
  • Encouraging the community to continue with their education by using the community library which is free of charge

Through working with Landirani I have been helped to support myself and the family mainly my kids, who are schooling learning in different schools, by providing resources like exercise books and school uniform, in support of my husband.


Without Landirani I would be growing poor in terms of money because I had nowhere to get money but just relying on my husband but for now we are assisting each other.

To Landirani supporters would they receive a message of thanks on what they are doing, mainly because of the library. They should not get tired but continue to donate resources as one part of ending illiteracy among community as people are using books (school leavers) that they can’t afford to buy on their own because books are very expensive. They should keep on Assisting.

You can read all about M’teza Library here.

If you would like to donate to the Library project, please click here, and just add “Library” in the comment box to direct your donation to Library projects. Thank you!

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