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11% of children don't reach their 5th birthday
50% of deaths of under 5's is due to malaria
11% of Malawians are living with HIV/AIDS

World Health Organisation (2009 statistics)

Special Educational Needs (SEND) and Safe Motherhood Unit (SMU)

This year we will complete two very important projects.

Three interconnected centres in M'bang'ombe, Malawi, will make a significant difference for people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This comprehensive programme provides essential support, fostering greater independence and inclusion within the community.

We will also build a Safe Motherhood Unit (SMU) for new mothers at the Maternity Unit. Have a look at the videos below to see exactly why we built the Maternity Unit in the first place. This second stage will provide essential care for pre-term births

The project will include nutritional permaculture gardens in front of the new wing, and education on good nutrition for new mothers.


This film shows the progress of the recently built Maternity Unit and the report back of Project4Africa who very kindly funded it. It also explains our search for funds to build a Safe Motherhood Unit in 2021.

A short film looking at the many different types of physical and mental disabilities people face in the rural area. Similarly, it looks at what we are doing to improve their situation, through medical referrals and education.

One of our Feeding Centres in action. We are very grateful to the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust for funding this. We provide a nutritious porridge 5 mornings a week to the under 5's feeding over 1000 children per day.

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