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Half of the worlds hospital beds are filled with people suffering from a water-related disease

(World Health Organisation)

45,000 people in our area need clean, safe water.testing

We have initiated a safe water programme and intend to ensure that everyone in our area (around 45,000 people) has access to clean, safe water.

We support 14 centres, each with a number of satellite villages (anything up to 40).

We install purpose-built water collectors (see below) and also build rammed earth water harvesters.

Water Harvester
Water Harvester

Did you know?

When we receive 1mm of rain and it falls on 1 square metre of roof we get one litre of water. Malawi gets an annual average rainfall of around 800mm per year. If that rain falls on an average class-room of say 100 square metres, then 80,000 litres of rain can be harvested in one season.

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