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Sam’s Village is a self-sustaining training village, built on a 17-acre site. The construction phase is now almost complete and the objective is to support a move away from hand-outs and to create self-sufficient training programmes that can support thousands of local people. This will improve their lives in terms of creating employment, organic farming, orphan support, reforestation, HIV prevention and many other important areas. Our first training programme took place in May 2017 followed by a series of one day courses. Residential training over several months started in Spring 2018. The activities are supported through the Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP), an initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and partially implemented by UNESCO.

Completed so far are: a pre-school for children under 5, and volunteer accommodation,the training workshops, reception and kitchen/restaurant. The trainee accommodation is complete but now being extended. Permaculture gardens are also being cultivated and are well underway.

Sam’s Village is situated opposite M’teza School in Chigonti village, near to M’bang’ombe trading centre. It is a 20 minute drive (10km) from Kamuzu International Airport, and even closer to Lumbadzi trading centre, with the nearest city, Lilongwe a 1 hour drive.

We believe the Village will become a best-practice example for Malawi (and in time other parts of Africa) of how to encourage and develop sustainable, forward-looking and skilled communities.

Why is it called Sam’s Village?

Sadly Sam Hayes passed away tragically on September 10th 2013, at the age of 23, and his parents are creating a legacy that makes a positive change by supporting the building of the “Sam’s Village” rural training college. Sam’s friends and family have raised £250,000 to build this amazing project.

Two mulberry trees have been planted at the main entrance to the Training Village in dedication to Sam’s memory. Our condolences are always with Sam’s family and we thank them for all their support.

You can visit the Sam’s Village Facebook page to read the very latest updates about Sam’s Village. You can also donate to this great project.


A brief overview of Sam's Village and our first training course for Tailors

Sam's Village - An update for 2020

Sam's Training Village from Sam Palmer on Vimeo.

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