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Building a school at Masiye

A School for Masiye

Back in 2006, the very first project of African Vision Malawi was to build a school for Masiye village. This project improved vastly on the original grass roofed structure and included school blocks, teachers’ houses, a kitchen, a store room and renovation of the pre-school.

Here you can see photos of the initial building work, and of the completed school:

School at Masiye
School at Masiye

Masiye School
Masiye School

Masiye School completed
Masiye School completed

Chitsime School Block

We built a school block at Chitsime, funded by The Mall School in Twickenham.

Chikutu School Block

We have built a school block in Chikutu.

Songwe Primary School

We are making plans to build a school block in Songwe…. For further details keep your eyes on our Latest News or on our Facebook page!

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