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Groundnut Farming

We run training for local people to learn how to cultivate and harvest groundnuts.

We also organise collecting and selling the groundnuts to a buyer en masse, so that everybody can get a better price. Farming groundnuts gives people an alternative and sustainable source of income. It diversifies people’s income and also their diets. Many of the people who take advantage of our training are women. Various studies have shown that empowering women is one of the most effective ways of reducing poverty in the developing world.

We are especially delighted that some of the women on our groundnut courses have used the profits from their harvests to buy things that will improve their income. One bought a groundnut shelling machine, and people pay to shell their nuts, giving her more money. Another bought some goats and us breeding them and selling the goats. Just wonderful!

This kind of sustainability and empowerment is what we are all about.

Can you make a donation to support our groundnut training programme and empower people in our area to improve their lives in a sustainable way?

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