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Orphan Vegetable Gardens

So far we have set up six vegetable gardens at Masiye, M’bang’ombe, Chitsime, Kakoma, Kafutwe and Namanyanga schools.

We prepared the land, planted the seeds and set up the irrigation systems as shown in the picture.

The barrels we used for the irrigation systems were first put into schools in the UK to be filled with seeds, books and equipment and decorated then we brought them over on the plane as our luggage.

We are aiming to attach a vegetable garden to each school in our area which will be maintained by the children and teachers and provide much needed food to the orphans and children in the schools. We are aware that there a huge number of orphans and vulnerable children who are over 10 years old and so not included in the feeding programmes, so the vegetables grown in the gardens are distributed to these children as priority.

Vegetable garden: £15

Gardening Equipment: £15

Drip-feed irrigation system: £20

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