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Wood is the main source of fuel for keeping warm, cooking and firing of bricks for community buildings. As the population has grown the land has slowly but surely been taken over by farming and trees are also chopped down in the fields. There is very little replanting, therefore it is essential that these stocks of wood are replenished.

Our Reforestation Project is promoting self-sufficiency within our support area.

Our aims are:

  • To plant trees and restore the environment
  • To train local people and students in plant care
  • Develop tree and plant nurseries attached to schools
  • Provide seeds, seedling and tools for nursery development.

Over the years, we have planted tens of thousands of trees in schools and communities, and provided the necessary training.

Sam's Village is an eco-village specialising in Permaculture (see picture below) which is taught to all students who stay with us, no matter what else they are learning.


We have started ‘growing clubs’ in our area where members of the community grow trees from seed. We buy these seedlings as a form of income generating for the community. We have found this approach particularly successful in local communities.

Acacia trees growing around M'Bang'Ombe school
Acacia trees growing around M'Bang'Ombe school

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