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Art exhibition at the cornerHOUSE

  • Dates: 14th January to 26th February, 2023
  • Location: The Cornerhouse, 116 Douglas Road, Surbiton KT6 7SB
  • Contact: Heather Palmer

Women, we women, are powerful beyond our own knowing; we have been guardians and students of mother nature for eons of time. When we had our hearts listening to the beat of mother earth, we were carers; we understood our place in the realm of evolution, and our responsibility was a heavy pleasure and privilege.

In our present time, women are in a battle to be heard, to be respected and valued. Those who are deeply embedded in the numinous vision of a planet bountiful and balanced, those women are not seeking domination over their male counterparts; rather, we are seeking to be restored to equal values and principles.

This body of works arises, mostly subconsciously, as a visual voice, an underground rumble, which hopes to express the beautiful desire and sad longing for freedom of expression, in flight.. as when we women were birds.

Our work