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Bicycle Ambulances

This project helps to ensure that people can get to a health service. In our area of support there is a huge issue with lack of transport to hospital/clinics. Transaid have helped with training and assessments over the years and also donated money for two of the latest installed bicycles. The community are trained on the maintenance and record the use of the bicycle.

There are two small Health Centres in our area and they serve a catchment area of 45,000 people!

Because of the lack of health services in our area people have to travel vast distances to be seen by a nurse or doctor. Travel to the clinics is usually by ox and cart but this is an expensive and slow mode of transport. 1 in 6 women die in childbirth, these bicycle ambulances will help save many lives.

We initiated a project to build bicycle ambulances and to provide training to the people in each area so more people can make their way to a health centre.

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