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Maternity unit

The opening of the Maternity Unit in M’bang’ombe was held on 12th November 2013 and was attended by Dorothy Ngoma, who is the President’s Advisor on Safe Motherhood. Amazingly the first baby was born in the unit that very day! This 10 bed unit is the first in our area to have lighting and internal running water via a solar pump.

The completed Maternity Unit

Inside the Maternity Unit

Our amazing midwives, Diana and Abiya, with CEO Heather

During recent Christmas Campaigns known as "A Child is Born", we fundraised for resources to turn the neighbouring building into a Safe Motherhood Unit (SMU) to encourage women to come to the unit earlier than their due date. The building will also include observation rooms and an Under 5’s clinic and we will be running programmes so mothers can learn more about good nutrition. Thanks to significant fundraising appeal by Bryanston School, building work will commence in 2021.

1 in 6 women die in childbirth in Malawi. Improving maternity care is so important.

Project4Africa raised funds for stage one of the much needed Maternity Unit project. Others involved in supporting this project are Liz Bartley, Sarah Rogers, Richard North, Gaynor Cook, Jo & Mike Calvert, Brian Heywood, Reed Elsevier and The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation. Our grateful thanks all of them for making the Maternity Unit idea become reality. M'bangombe Maternity Unit

See below for more photos of the Maternity Unit:

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