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Over the weekend we transported people to Malawi and taught them about the lives of children living in Malawi through art, photography, drama, photography, film and personal experiences.


The event was a huge success. We had over 250 people to see the shows and raised over £2,000.

We started by showing a couple of chapters from a film Sam Palmer made to teach people about the lives of children in a typical village in Malawi. This was a fantastic way of introducing life in Malawi and set the scene for the performances.

We had three performances.

Tina’s Story

For this performance Sarah Macdonald (who was in Malawi in October last year) was the story-teller and 8 children from King Athelstan Primary School acted out scenes from the story.They brought this story to life with their fantastic performances and dedication. Drumming by Sarah was used throughout to create fantastic scene changes.


Mau Apasula’s Story

Dramatically told by Lesley Hutchinson, who was in Malawi last April, this story was added to by the children from King Athelstan who decorated the words with mimes, and the mood was enhanced by drumming from Sarah.


Lazalo’s Story

This story was told and acted out by the children - they created fantastic images and all of them performed fantastically and were all word perfect.



The performances were a huge success, all credit to Sarah Macdonald, Lesley hutchinson and the kids from King Athelstan School.

Art and Photography

The event wasn’t just about the performances - we had two exhibitions too.

The photographs by Nicky Hohouse, who was in Malawi in April last year were absolutely breath taking - the smiles of children standing in a line laughing are infectious and the colours of Nicky’s photos are fantastic.


The paintings Adam Newton created to illustrate the three stories (that were the performances) are amazing - framed in scrap wood the exhibition looked beautifully authentic and mesmerizing.


The whole weekend was a huge success and we’re so please that so many people came to support us and learn more about the work Landirani does.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped set up, in particular Les, Felix, Sheeny and Sarah. Thanks to Early Learning Centre, Robin and Felix for the sand, bricks and mud that created Malawi in Surbiton. Thanks to Naughty Nigel for the sound and Nigel for the projection. HUGE thanks to King Athelstan School for providing such amazing and talented kids (and their family and carers for the constant support) and to Emily and Sarah from King Athelstan. Finally to everyone who volunteered during the event to make it run so smoothly.

All the money raised from this event is going towards providing safe clean water to everyone in our area (40,000 people) so thank you to everyone for being so generous

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