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Sam Palmer and Rob Tuck cycling over 2000km to Morocco

In September 2010 Sam and Rob will be cycling all the way to Morocco to raise money for bicycles in Malawi that save lives.

Many people in the rural parts of Malawi that we support don’t have the means to get to the local clinics to receive the treatment they desparately need. When a lady is in labour she is often carried on the back of an ox-driven cart, or doesn’t make it to hospital at all. The carts used in these situations are too slow and cause complications or fatalities. Similarly, in the case of medical emergencies, accidents or illness, the villagers don’t have the necessary transport to get them to the clinic quick enough and situations that could easily be resolved by doctors end up worsening, or ending in fatality.

We are introducing bicycle ambulances into our area and we know this will make a huge difference to those in our area.


These bicycles have a stretcher attached to the back, that is safe and secure. It also has a sun/rain shield for the patient.

Sam and Rob will be riding over 2000km to Morocco to raise funds and awareness for this life-protecting project.


“We will do the hard work and cycle to Africa if you in return could please donate whatever you can spare to this worthy cause.” -Sam Palmer

You can sponsor the boys via paypal (click the donate through paypal button to the right of this page and write BIKERIDE in the purpose box) or by Cheque payable to The Landirani Trust. Please send cheques/cash to PO Box 851A, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 9FD

If you are a UK Tax Payer please gift aid it, as it is no extra cost to you but the charity gets an extra 28%.

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