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BT MyDonate is a site, similar to Just Giving, that allows people to set up an event profile and link it to the charity’s profile and enables people to sponsor whoever is taking part in that event.

You can see the charity’s profile here: https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/thelandiranitrust

If you would like to organise a sponsored event you can email pip@landirani.org with the details and we will set up the profile for you to send to your friends, or you can set up your own profile and link it to the Landirani charity profile.

If you would like more information about this fantastically easy way to get sponsorship for an event you are doing, or setting up and running, please email pip@landirani.org

The reason we use BT MyDonate, rather than Just Giving, is because Just Giving charge a monthly fee and take a percentage of the money raised, whereas BT do not. But other than that, the principle is the same as Just Giving.

Happy Fundraising…

People using BT MyDonate to raise funds for us:

Oli Hall, Sam Crome, Alex Bal and Joe Crome. Surrey Badger Half Marathon:


Christine Burgess is running the Amsterdam Half marathon on 16th October



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