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Project 4 Africa Team Visit

Project4Africa have funded a number of fantastic projects in our area over the years.

These include two school blocks, a staff house, CBCC at Namanyanga and recently the new Maternity Unit at M’bang’ombe.  We are really thankful for their support with improving lives in our area.

This autumn some of the Project4Africa team came to visit the projects in Malawi.  They were Tony and Liz Williams and Steve and Heather Wood.  They could see the Maternity Unit being used, and they even witnessed a baby being born.  In one of the photos you can see Liz holding her.  The photo was taken only a few minutes after the baby was born - in the corridor as the delivery room was being tiled by Stephen Johnson at the time!

We also took the team to visit little blind and disabled Blessings.  You may have seen him on our Disability Film as Liz supported financially in getting a wheelchair for him.  The wheelchair has been used so much we had to take it away to be renovated, but it is now back with him!

Lastly we visited Sam’s Village and our New Office build at Njewa where Nyomi showed us all round.


The Project4Africa team - thank you for all your support!


Liz and the new born baby


The Maternity Unit in action.  Mothers can now give birth safely here, with medical attention.

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