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Funsani – Rammed Earth Community Based Childcare Centre (CBCC)

Gandys ‘Orphans for Orphans’ has funded the building of a pre-school at Funsani, Lumbadzi Centre. This has been much needed and the community have been asking for support for the last three years. We are grateful to Gandys for helping us. ‘Orphans for Orphans’ was started by two brothers Rob and Paul (and their sister Rosie has since joined them), since losing their parents in the Tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004. They have funded orphan care projects in Sri Lanka and have now decided to support Malawi. This new CBCC pre-school is all earth-built with an attached kitchen, store and large water harvester collecting water off the roof of the amenities building. It will provide education and a feeding programme to over 70 children within the area. It will be run by volunteers who will be trained in childcare. We completed the building by September 2017 and Gandys came out to open it in October.

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