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Project4Africa's Vision is "Making a difference to children’s lives"

P4A is a group of like-minded people who want to make a real difference to the lives of children in Africa.

P4A was set up in 2008 and has so far raised funds for two projects in Malawi led by AVM; scroll down for our latest Special Educational Needs and Disabilities project for 2022!

  • In 2010, four classrooms, nursery, feeding station and a teacher’s house were built at Namanyanga School.
  • In 2013, a maternity unit was built at a health centre. In addition, staff accommodation was refurbished together with supporting training of people from the local community.

Both are going from strength to strength and involved the local community in their construction. P4A now provides funding towards the maintenance of both the school and the maternity unit.

P4A Namanyanga
P4A Maternity Unit
Project4Africa team – Steve, Heather, Liz and Tony
Project4Africa team – Steve, Heather, Liz and Tony

How we did it

Funds to build the school (£40,000) and maternity Unit (£25,000) were raised through donations (both from individuals and companies), sponsorship and a wide variety of fund raising events run by the P4A team.

In 2015 some of the Project4Africa team made a trip from the UK to Malawi to visit the completed Maternity Unit. In fact, a baby was born while they were there!

Latest news

We are working with AVM on a new project which is focused on providing effective educational opportunities for children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities(SEND) in the rural area of North West Lilongwe District and Dowa District in central Malawi. The specific site for the SEND Support unit will be within the M’bang’ombe area in 3 locations, Sam’s Village (AVM’s training centre); M’bang’ombe Health Clinic; and M’bang’ombe TDC (Teaching Development Centre) & Primary School.

To be successful, the project requires an approach which encompasses the health and education of people with disabilities, together with giving them the tools to learn. This is vital if we are to maintain their opportunities to access education and develop as individuals both now and in the future.

Currently we are identifying and applying for various funding streams which will enable the building work needed at TDC and the Health Clinic.

P4A 2
P4A 3
Liz and the newborn baby!
Liz and the newborn baby!

Here are some photos to show you what it was like building Namanyanga school:

Building Namanyanga School

Building Namanyanga School

Building Namanyanga School

Building Namanyanga School

Building Namanyanga School

The finished buildings:

Building Namanyanga School

Building Namanyanga School

Building Namanyanga School

If you would like to donate to projects like our new SEND units and make a contribution to health development in Malawi, please Donate above.

African Vision Malawi would like to thank all who are involved in Project4Africa and everyone who donates both money and time to these amazing projects.


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