Project4Africa is a group who raise funds to help various projects in Africa. Over the years – since 2009 – we have worked with them on a number of projects.

Projects carried out together include:

At Namanyanga (in the north-east of our area):

  • 2 school blocks
  • a pre-school (Community Based Children’s centre)
  • a teacher’s house

At M’bang’ombe:

  • the Maternity Unit
  • a new roof for the Maternity Unit staff accommodation after it was blown off

In 2015 some of the Project4Africa team made a trip from the UK to Malawi to visit the completed Maternity Unit. In fact, a baby was born while they were there! Project4Africa team

Project4Africa team – Steve, Heather, Liz and Tony

Liz and the newborn baby!

It has also become a tradition to hold a Project4Africa v. Namanyanga School football match as often as possible!

Read more about the maternity unit here

Visit Project4Africa’s website www.project4africa.co.uk

Building Namanyanga School with Project4Africa

Here are some photos to show you what it was like building Namanyanga school:

The finished buildings:

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African Vision Malawi would like to thank all who are involved in Project4Africa and everyone who donates both money and time to these amazing projects.


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