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Water and sanitation

45,000 people in our area need clean, safe water.

We have initiated a safe water program and intend to ensure that everyone in our area (around 45,000 people) has access to clean, safe water.

We support 14 centres, each with a number of satellite villages (anything up to 40).

A typical water source in our area in Malawi
A typical water source in our area in Malawi

We would like to put in boreholes in all the villages we serve, where it is possible.
We would like to put in boreholes in all the villages we serve, where it is possible.

Borehole Projects, past and present

During 2011-2013 we carried out two rounds of borehole construction in our focus area. 36 boreholes in total were installed, delivering clean water to an estimated 17,600 people. The construction was financed by Rotary International and we worked with Clean Water for Malawi to install the boreholes.

We are currently applying for funding for another round of borehole construction.

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Borehole Committees

We have found that the engagement, commitment and training of a local borehole committee is vital to the ongoing success and maintenance of a borehole. We facilitate the borehole training programme run by the government.

Existing water sources

  • Water holes – a very shallow hole dug in the ground and left completely unprotected
  • Shallow wells – a hole dug to water level but left unprotected
  • Broken borehole – this is a safe water source but the pump is broken so the water cannot be drawn properly.

The safest water source is a borehole, which is a deep well dug to water level with a fully protected cover and a working pump to draw the water.

You can see photos of these types of water sources here:

A typical water hole – unsafe water source
A typical water hole – unsafe water source. Often contaminated by animals using the same water holes.

Built up well
Built up well – safe water source as it is protected from contamination and the spread of disease.

A borehole
A borehole – safe and easy water source

Built Up Wells Projects

We have built up many shallow wells over recent years so they are protected from contamination. This also reduces the risk of children and animals falling in the wells and reduces the occurrence of stagnant water (which attracts mosquitoes) so will therefore reduce the instances of Malaria in our area. We aim to ensure that all shallow wells and water holes are protected in this way.

This well has been built up and has a cover
This well has been built up and has a cover. We would like to build up all the wells so they are free from contamination.

We continue to protect shallow wells in this way, and you can contribute by buying a gift for our friends…

It only costs £150 to build up a well to make it safe and free from contamination. This is a great present for your friends and family as it is genuinely saving lives and we will have a plaque created with the name of your recipient on it to go on the well – we will then take pictures of the well upon completion and send it to them.

Building up a well
Building up a well

Water Pump Projects

We would like to put a pump on each well to make the water accessible to all.

The result will be clean and safe water throughout our area reducing disease and various illnesses.


Water projects and Sanitation projects (WASH) go hand in hand.



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